Two Looks at Salary Figures and Where Council Rock Ranks

Over the last few budget cycles, when talk at Board meetings turns toward how to control costs and minimize tax increases, it’s been pointed out that salaries and benefits represent such a large chunk of the budget it limits how much trimming can be done. Salaries and benefits are over 70% of the budget, and these figures are tied in to contracts (with factors such as experience and education).

Based on that it’s important to keep an eye on the salaries at Council Rock and how they relate to nearby School Districts.  Here are two looks at our salaries and how they stack up — average teacher salaries for 2006-07 and median overall salaries for 2007-08.

The first chart contains information on the median salaries paid to all educators (including administration) in the various school districts in Bucks County for the 2007-2008 school year (the latest records accessible). These figures include all teachers, nurses, counselors, psychologists, principals, administrators and the superintendent.

These are median figures, meaning half the salaries fall at or below the amount and half are at or above the amount (as opposed to average figures). Also, these are salary figures and do not take into account costs of benefits.

The source groups all educators together, not only teachers.  It reports the figures by gender so there is not a single median amount per District. The last two columns show the median years of experience of the educators, also broken out by gender.

median salary chart upload

Many of the salaries above the median are due to administrators and principals, but for 2007-08 (per the database) Council Rock had 347 teachers earning $97,591, and four teachers earning $100,519.  (Five other teachers were paid at the $97,591 rate but worked less than 100% so their actual earnings were lower.)  I tried to wean the teachers figure to exclude counselors, psychologists and nurses making those figures. The 347 number includes some librarians.

Notes: New Hope-Solebury does not show an experience figure at the source website.  Also, the median salary figures for Neshaminy and Upper Bucks AVTS show the same numbers for both female and male, so those might not have been broken down by gender.

The second chart I’m posting appeared in an article in the Courier Times from April 2008 entitled: “Web site lists Pa. teacher salaries.” It shows the average salaries of teachers by District for the 2006-07 school year. This time it’s average, not median, and specific to teachers. The chart also shows the ranking of each District among all School Districts in the state of Pennsylvania.


As you can see, Council Rock stood alone in first place among all PA School Districts average teacher salaries statewide in 2006-07, and ranked second only to Neshaminy among Buck County Districts in overall median salaries the following year.

Glean from this what you will.